So Many Decisions…

So Many Decisions…

eCommerce, Widgets and Apps, oh my!

With all the bells and whistles available these days, how do you choose what kind of functionality your website should contain? Just about everyone has their own idea of what the most important things to include on your website are, and some of these conflict. Music, no music (the prevailing opinion is no music, by the way); flashy graphics, simple clean lines; eCommerce capability or contact info only… Ultimately, the possibilities are virtually endless and the final call is up to you.

“Oh, sure. Some help you are!”

I know, I know — if you knew what to include, you wouldn’t be asking. The thing is, you do know, or at least I would hope you do. You know your customers, right? What is it your customers need and expect from you? That’s what your website should include. I’m not talking about the customers that think every day should be free-give-away-day. I’m talking about the ones that really support and grow your business.

Are your major customers busy, tech savvy professionals, always on the go? Then you’d better make sure that your site translates well to a Smart Phone or Tablet format. And you’ll probably want them to be able to purchase straight from your site, since chances are they won’t have time to stop by your brick-and-board location. eCommerce capability, here we come, and let’s make it highly customizable while we’re at it.

Or do you appeal to a more low-tech crowd? The kind that may know how to Google you, but don’t want to be bothered with anything more complex. How about some kind of map widget that will make your physical location easy to find? Are you a restaurant? You want your menu on your site. Do you do a lot of take-out business? Maybe you want that menu to be interactive, so your customers can place their order online. You see what I’m getting at…

It’s all about you.

These days just about anyone can throw up a website. My cat could probably manage one with all the templates that are out there. But you don’t want to look like your cat made your site, do you? You want to stand out, you want to shine! You want to provide your customers with the functionality they need and expect. Sometimes that’s really hard to figure out on your own, especially if you’re not familiar with websites or design. So why not contact a professional to help you sort it out?

Id Est Productions knows design, you know your customers. What better way to end up with a site that is all about you and what you have to offer? Let’s discuss your options. Contact us today.