The Importance of Having a Flexible Written Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Having a Flexible Written Marketing Strategy

Every business has goals, but not every business has developed a written strategy to reach those goals.

If you have been relying on an informal marketing strategy that is “in your head,” your marketing budget may end up blown on fruitless efforts that give you no competitive advantage. On the other hand, if you have been strictly adhering to a marketing strategy that is set in stone, your efforts to attract customers may be just as inefficient. A balanced approach to marketing is neither haphazard nor uncompromising.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. — Benjamin Franklin

Here are some important reasons to develop a written marketing strategy.

  1. It enables you to wrap your brain around the complexity of your marketing strategy, forcing you to take an analytical approach that examines everything from budget and timeline to your target audience and competition.
  2. It allows you to shift your focus from planning to implementation. Once your marketing strategy is operational, you can direct more mental energy to your core objectives, such as customer satisfaction with your product or service.
  3. It clarifies and solidifies your vision of success in concise language that is easy to recall and convey, enabling you to communicate more effectively. Your employees will gain a clearer understanding of your expectations, and your clients will be impressed by your professionalism.

I bend and do not break. — Jean de la Fontaine

Here are some important reasons to establish a flexible marketing strategy.

  1. It evolves in response to the frequent and inevitable changes that occur in the marketplace, adapting to variables such as new technologies, the actions of competitors, consumer perceptions and trends, and the market environment. In other words, your company isn’t caught off guard, but embraces changes as viable opportunities while maintaining focus on long-term goals.
  2. It can create a flexible culture in your workplace. A team accustomed to working within the context of continuous innovation can run circles around a status quo team that fears or resists change.
  3. It helps keep your business relevant. A flexible marketing strategy closely monitors the relationship between internal processes (for example, management decisions) and external outcomes. As long as your company doesn’t ignore negative analytical data, your marketing strategy can become a resource for discovering what is and is not working internally.

We know how to convey your message so people ‘get it.’

Once you’ve created the best possible marketing strategy for your business, you want to implement it in the best possible manner. At Id Est Productions, we understand that marketing success doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a coordinated, strategic effort from a team of experts representing various disciplines. Whether it’s driving your brand, developing collateral materials, or helping you to dominate on the web, we’re here to help you execute your various marketing strategies. Contact us today to learn how we can strategize with you to effectively reach your marketing goals.