Deborah Shaw (i.e. Debbie) is the founder and President of Id Est Productions. A very hands-on leader, you will find her deeply involved in and knowledgeable about every project, from updating a long-standing client’s business cards to onboarding the brand new multi-media design project that just came in. She is the embodiment of “leading by example” and cares deeply about the success of every team member, job and client the company takes on.

Her formal educational background includes a bachelors degree in Visual Communications and graduate studies in Interactive Multimedia. Informally, Debbie is constantly studying the latest developments and trends in the industry, and has an industry journal and eBook addiction we occasionally find troubling (mostly because it can be hard to keep up with her!) Not only does she teach us a thing or two on a daily basis, she has also taught Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat at the USDA Graduate School in Washington DC.

Debbie is regarded as an expert in SEO and inbound marketing and has designed and managed hundreds of websites. She is the creative force behind Id Est Productions’ Stone and Tile PROS solution, the soon-to-launch Carpet and Upholstery PROS program and all of the intricate sites, strategies and components which support them. In addition (as if that weren’t enough to keep one person busy for a couple of lifetimes) Debbie is also a writer, actor and fine artist.

Like many creative types, Debbie has something of a love/hate relationship with the ever-changing world of today’s technology, but that never stops her from looking for the latest and best solutions to every new challenge that comes along.